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KLM Airlines and Facebook Messenger join forces for a seamless customer experience

  • Clock logoMay 03, 2016
  • Eye logo2349

Great news for all KLM passengers ! Enthusiastically announced by David Marcus, Vice President of Messaging Solutions for Facebook, from now on, users of the airline can forget the stress and complications related to their flights, and enjoy this streamlined new feature- KLM on Messenger.

With this service, if a customer chooses the Messenger option when purchasing a plane ticket, all further communication will occur on their mobile device within their existing Facebook Messenger app. This includes ticket purchase confirmation, check-in, receiving boarding passes and itineraries, last minute flight changes or delays, and even re-booking on another flight. In addition to more conveniently managing these logisitical details, customers can message KLM customer service agents directly in the same thread for any issues or questions that may arise.  

"Especially adapted to the instantaneous needs and circumstances of mobile travelers, text messaging solutions used as customer relationship tool will quickly become a necessity – and industry norm" predicted Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne, Deputy Managing Director and co-founder of The Social Client.

KLM is the first airline to utilize Messenger for customer service via mobile messaging, and is undoubtedly will be followed by other major players in the travel industry.

To learn more about the benefits of text messaging as the CRM channel of the future, especially following the launch in 2015 of Messenger for Business, click through to read The Social Client: Messenger + Customer Relationship

Welcome to the era of text messaging !

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