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HUBDAY Paris 2017: Future of Mobile Engagement

  • Clock logoMarch 29, 2017
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There are 4,8 billion mobile users in the world, as many as there are people who own tooth-brushes. This number will reach 6 billion by 2020. Roadmap to understand Customer 3.0 and reinvent today’s Customer Experience.

There are 4,8 billion mobile users in the world, as many as there are people who own tooth-brushes. This number will reach 6 billion by 2020. On the heels of the latest HUBDAY in Paris, here is a breakdown of the crucial trends that define today’s mobile-hooked 3.0 customers, as well as testimonials from brands such as AccorHotels, l’Équipe, Expédia, Orange, Volkswagen, Findus… who deliver their strategies for reinventing the Customer Experience in order to attract, engage and retain a generation that’s both more demanding and more impatient than ever…

Business at your fingertips

According to the 4th Mobile Marketing Barometer, as of October 2016 mobile traffic outpaces desktop traffic. “Mobile business is anything but virtual. Results are self-explanatory.” declares Vincent de Chiara, Head of Customer Category Management at Findus, leading Swedish Frozen food brand that has been performing outstandingly on the Shopmium App with 76% of new buyers and 86% re-purchases.

“Today, m-commerce is driving e-commerce, but it goes further than that. 50% of in-store customers use their mobile and the mobile « wallet » is poised to become the norm.” explains Geoffrey Boulakia, Deputy Managing Director of The Social Client, digital consulting agency and a company of Acticall Sitel Group.

“The onus is now on brands to really enhance the in-store experience like Leroy Merlin whose mobile app gives customers 100% in-store autonomy letting them avoid lines, have access to specs sheets, buy online, and will soon include augmented reality to simulate different interior designs.“ Boulakia continues.

Following French multinational AccorHotels’ lead, more and more brands are converging their patchwork of apps onto one master or “mothership” app, and bringing together in one place a variety of local and personalized services, becoming thus an A to Z seamless and omnichannel companion throughout the entire customer journey.

A generation of Nomads

In addition to this business model, customers are exhibiting more and more nomadic behaviors: restless, omnichannel and inseparable from their mobile, the Y generation is constantly seeking freedom, autonomy and flexibility wherever it goes, and shows little to no patience. Brands have to adapt the content they push and their process of production accordingly: “Video is the Star of mobile technology: its use is 98% vertical, it has to be short (respond to a maximum 8s attention span), scrollable and 90% mute.” underlines Gabrielle Loeb, Head of Mobext France.

Faced with these new stakes, the leading French sports newspaper L’Équipe revealed its acquisition strategy of a whole new demographic, younger and more feminine, by exploiting mobile users’ favorite snackable and ephemeral format: SnapChat Discover. France’s number 1 mobile media, L’Équipe receives between 200 000 and 400 000 Unique Visitors daily and has a 30% to 40% growth rate on its mobile site.

5G: when the “Always connected” get “Connected to Everything” 

With the arrival of 5G and the dizzyingly high speed data access it will provide within three to four years, mobile devices are accelerating and democratizing technological innovation. Beyond being just connected to smartphones or tablets, the customer is about to be connected to everything: his bank, his car, his house, his hospital… The Internet of Things is expanding to the Internet of Everything and this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona scratched the surface of the innumerable possibilities that compel brands to invest in it…

To name one: Self-driving and connected to 5G technology, tomorrow’s automobile will bear well its name. Totally autonomous, it will adapt its driving to your mood while connected to your phone, fridge, house, even heart-rate. It will also incorporate the virtual assistance of a chatbot (Discover our article on La Française des Jeux Chatbot) capable of offering a range of services such as online purchases, booking restaurants, flights or concert tickets…

New conversational formats

Chatbots, AI, augmented and virtual realities are breaking loose of early adopters as they’re being introduced into every smartphone. By 2020, 1 out of 5 smartphones is projected to be activated by an artificial intelligence.

Development platforms are opening up, and simplicity is their operative word. “Apps without apps” are emerging and Messenger and WeChat (Discover our article about WeChat) seem set to rule. The use of apps linked to Social Media and Messaging has increased 394% in a year. Three additional players are also subverting the App-store model, too costly and bulky: Progressive Web Apps launched in 2015 by Google, chatbots – 34 000 of which were developed in less than a year on Messenger alone, and the community of Virtual Personal assistants that since 2016 include Viv, developed by Siri’s team, and Facebook’s Jarvis.

Beyond purely textual conversations, new paradigms are reaching maturity namely invisible interfaces, both vocal and sensorial. 50% of internet queries are predicted to be vocal by 2020. 

The power of Smart Data

M-commerce is growing 200% faster than e-commerce, making mobile the driving force behind online business in general. However, its conversion rates are still low. The incremental measurement and granularity of mobile Data solutions such as SmartBerries or Ogury provide brands with specific and continuous intelligence on the customer’s physical and virtual journeys that improves customer segmentation and optimizes target marketing. Data and particularly geolocation data brings crucial insight that increases customer knowledge, helps align marketing strategies to customer context, and boosts engagement and conversion rates.

KYC: Know Your Customer

Selfie-obsessed, nomadic, omnichannel, digital native, m-addicts, consumactors… there are as many catchphrases as there are technological innovations and social trends to describe the shape-shifting millennial generation. The staggeringly high turnover rate of tech devices repeatedly transforms if not fragments m-users’ identity forcing brands to constantly reboot their marketing campaigns and reinvent the customer relationship.

“Mobile data is a goldmine for brands, but they have to know how to exploit it intelligently.” stresses Alexandra Chiaramonti, VP Sales at DataBerries. The omnichannel experience opens Big Data floodgates that can cause both brands and customer to lose sight of one another. Smart Data hones in on customer behaviors both on and off-line helping brands discern pivotal life moments where they can interact – proactively but unobtrusively – and engage in a lasting relationship with the customer, at the right time, the right place and in the right way. 

Find all the pictures and videos of the event on the HUBDAY Facebook page.

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