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How to develop new ecosystems of Customer Trust !

  • Clock logoJuly 11, 2017
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In the universe of web interactions, brace yourself for a Big Bang…

More than ever, consumers are investing in the relationship they have with their favorite brands. It’s undeniable that customers have effectively become active agents within this relationship, and now expect brands to be proactive in return.

An additional element has changed the way the game is played: customers write and create content that concerns brands and are entitled to do so without anyone’s permission. They’re free to make their opinions known – be they positive or negative – and have their voices heard: and they’re not shy about it.

Yesterday’s consumer-customer has morphed into a Content Generating User * which has itself caused nothing short of a Big Bang within the universe of online interactions…

The good news is that while these contacts and interactions are increasing exponentially, a conversational, creative and relational intensity is growing, based on reciprocity and transparency. This need to be connected, to exchange, to be a contributing member both recognized and valued by brands has opened up unprecedented opportunities for businesses.

The Trust Economy shows that a whole area of Customer Relations no longer “belongs” to brands nor to their marketing teams. The statistics speak for themselves. Depending on the industry, peer-recommendation can weigh from 50% to 90% over a customer’s purchasing decision.

It’s possible to position yourself at the heart of these interactions, and even to influence them. Building an ecosystem rooted in trust and reciprocity proves to be a winning strategy that allows businesses to develop brand preference and foster loyalty from powerful ambassadors. The content produced by customers themselves is a hugely influential tool, and an inexpensive one to boot.

The stakes now lie in the artful manner of slipping into peer-to-peer conversation and influencing them with measure and skill.

This is why our agency, The Social Client, has focused its offer on developing digital and evolving frameworks built on trust mechanisms and incorporating cutting edge digital innovations.

It’s now up to brands to join the conversation and learn the art of Influence and Interaction. In other words to inspire… trust!

*Consumers are now creating what’s been coined as User Generated Content.

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